His artisanal scarves have been seen snuggling the necks of many Hudson locals. Rob Strauss recalls his segue to starting his own brand–AGB magazine

Independent artist/weaver,  
Hudson NY...

Strauss attended Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts from 1989 to 1992 focusing on drawing and sculpture.

Strauss began as a stone-carver, creating garden sculptures frequently inspired by human and animal forms. In time he found himself drawn to the fiber arts, primarily handknitting.

Eventually handknitting evolved into an interest in textiles and a passion for handweaving. Strauss works on a Schacht 4-shaft floor loom with various fibers.  At the moment, his collection is made with cotton fiber; with the introduction of silk and linen to come.

Rob says “Weaving is forever challenging me.”

Rob M Strauss is a gay man in his late fifties. He can be found on social media … frequently pictured with his latest scarf and his dogs Lola and Lucca, a Jack Russell and mini-labradoodle.